Perisian Pemasaran E-mel

“You always surpass our expectations! Awesome news. I’ve been waiting for this, for sometime – and so glad you’ve got it sorted. This is going to be a great help and increases the value too. Thanks Aweber team!” 

Steven Wong
It sound good to me to post on fan page instead of the profile page initially. However, when I think for a while I realised that some of the emails I might not want to share with my FB fan. My question is the new settings allow me to select which email to post or I can’t? I am sure there will someone like me interest to know this.

Jonathan Thompson
“Woo hoo! Just dialed in our newsletter to post to our company page on Facebook that is going out tomorrow (while I’m off :) )! Aweber rocks the casba!”

——————————— oO0Oo ———————————–

Ingin melipat gandakan penjualan barang anda?

AWeber telah membantu lebih 90,000 pemilik perniagaan internet meningkatkan keuntungan mereka serta membina hubungan dengan pelanggan dengan menggunakan perisian pemasaran e-mel.

Uji cuba perisian adalah PERCUMA! Jangan lepaskan peluang anda.

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